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Micro apartment – interior design

Overcrowded cities generate a huge demand for new dwellings. It makes,
flats available on the market are too expensive for a single buyer.
The answer for this demand is a micro apartment. A cosy and functional living space.
A micro apartment was designed in mind for a single person or a student who need a simple, comfortable,
accommodation to live and make daily activities.
The flat layout is based on rectangle shape of 25 square meters.
The volumetric size of the whole interior is 116 cubic meters.
The flat is very high,  to use all available space the entresol had been built.

Micro apartament in details:
Height 4,7m
Width: 4,5m
Length 5,5m

Micro Apartament  is a conversion of a flat from beginning of XX century.
The wall is made of red bricks, insulated and covered with plasterboards.

 The flat layout:
The flat is divided on few zones :
– Working area
– Toilet/Bathroom
– Kitchen area
– Bedroom

To provide the best space management,  every element of this flat is custom made-  from bed to bathroom zone.

Working area:
Is located between kitchen module and  window.

Is located in red box ( watch picture )
The access inside is through sliding door. The bathroom module contains a compact toilet, shower and small washing machine.
The bathroom space is made for drying clothes as well.

Kitchen Area:
This Module contains a set of custom made furniture which includes necessary elements like :
sink, small fridge,  induction hob,  microwave oven,  cooker hood .

Bedroom area:
Bedroom area is located on the top of entresol.